Mon 26 March 2012

citybooks Sheffield presentation at ‘ Low Countries, Big Cities ’ conference

For the ninth time, the ALCS (Association for Low Countries Studies) is organizing its biennial conference. From Tuesday 3rd until Thursday 5th of April 2012, more than forty academics will present their reflections on the theme ‘Low Countries, Big Cities’.

The theme arises from the participation of The University of Sheffield in the citybooks project, together with authors Joost Zwagerman, Rebecca Lenaerts, Helen Mort, Ágnes Lehóczky and Abdelkader Benali, photographer David Bocking and cinematographer Dominic Green.

The citybooks will be specially presented on Wednesday 4th of April. Willem Bongers-Dek introduces the project, poets Helen Mort and Ágnes Lehóczky will read their citybooks, followed by readings by four Sheffield students: Charles Macdonald-Jones, Louise Snape, Christine Barningham and Victoria Beardwood. The photo's of David Bocking will be exhibited and Dominic Greene, the maker of the city-one-minutes will also be present.

Keynote addresses during the conference will be by Herman Pleij (UvA), Wim Vandenbussche (VUB) and Geert Buelens (UU). For more information visit:

Organised by: Association for Low Countries Studies (ALCS) and The University of Sheffield with support from the Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union) and the Vlaamse Vertegenwoordiging (Flemish Representation in Holland).

photo © David Bocking


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