Fri 27 April 2012

citybooks presented at EU conference in Lublin

Maciej RukaszOn Friday the 27th of April the conference 'EU funds for culture. International cooperation projects, translations, festivals' takes place in Lublin in the City Hall. The program will include such topics as 'What is culture and how does it work?' and 'How to file an application?'.
In the final section entitled 'From theory to practice' the citybooks coordinators from Lublin Ksenia Duńska and Małgorzata Drozd-Domaciuk will present the citybooks project and talk about their experiences in the participation in this international cultural project.

The first citybooks from Lublin will be published on soon in English, Dutch, French and Polish. The 24 photos made by the Polish photographer Maciej Rukasz in Lublin are already online.

Read an interview with the authors Andrzej Stasiuk and Witold Szablowski here, and discover how Dutch author Arnon Grunberg spent his days during his citybooks residency via his blog messages. To read about the project in Polish, visit the website of TEK, the partnerorganisation in Lublin.


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