Fri 05 April 2013

citybooks news: in short (april)

Dutch writer Christiaan Weijts (citybooks Ostend) is giving a lecture about his own personal vision on the Architectuurboek Vlaanderen N°10: Radicale gemeenplaatsen – Europese architectuur uit Vlaanderen (Architectural Review Flanders N°10. Radical Commonplaces. European Architectures from Flanders) – a publication from the Vlaams Architectuurinstituut. Read more…


During the Month of Philosophy, Utrecht will host a series of lectures under the title of De Nieuwe Preek (The New Sermon), based on the theme Crime and Punishment. On April 14th, Joost Zwagerman (citybooks Sheffield) will give a lecture. Read more…


The Dutch-language translation of Lasha Bugadze’s citybook about Turnhout, Three in the City, will be featured in prepublication at the end of April in DW B. The citybook, Met zijn drieën in de stad, features a foreword by veteran translator of Georgian to Dutch, Ingrid Degraeve, by whom it is also consummately translated.


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