Wed 27 November 2013

citybooks: news in brief


dw bThe Dutch translation of the citybook Yerevan Dreams: A Reportage, by Armenian writer Arpi Voskanyan will be published in the literary magazine DW B #5. The translation was made by Anna Martirosjan-Mattaar. Listen here to the citybook as a podcast in Armenian and in Dutch.


rebekka de wit © marianne hommersomTheater maker and writer Rebekka de Wit keenly draws inspiration from cities and their histories. In this manner, she wrote the citybook about Venice, As Venice is Now. On the 23rd and 24th of November, she presented her solo project Ik weet er te weinig van (I know too little about it). The project sees her investigate the intellectual climate of great cities over the preceding centuries. She travelled to Berlin, Paris, Vienna and New York, in search of pivotal moments in the history of ideas. Read more...


westerman coverHigh praise for Frank Westerman for his book Stikvallei (Suffocation Valley) in which he investigates a perplexing mass-death in Cameroon, following its traces to the bottom of a mysterious lake. A book about belief, superstition and the immense power of storytelling. That Westerman, too, is a great teller of tales he proved when he travelled to Tbilisi for citybooks. You can listen to his intriguing reportage 922 people liked this. Fancy seeing Westerman in the flesh? Then come to deBuren on the 20th of February 2014, when he will feature as a special guest in an evening all about Georgia.


Miet VanhasselColleague Miet Vanhassel speaks all about citybooks and Radio books in the programme 8UNG! on XL Air. XL Air is the Internet radio station of the Universitaire Associatie Brussel (UAB). Listen again to the broadcast here: [ 30th October 2013, from 18’05].


cultspaceOn the 25th of November, citybooks took part in the CultSpace during the ‘Cultuur in Beeld’ conference in Utrecht, organized annually by the ministry of Education, Culture and Research. Colleagues Willem and Marianne informed the interested visitors to the project stand about all things citybooks. Read the Note from the Underground about this event.



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