Tue 22 November 2011

citybooks: more than reading and listening

citybooks is not just a literary project, the surprising cities can also be explored through sight. For every participating city a young photographer is asked to be part in the project. In 24 images he or she creates a unique city portrait. Go to www.city-books.eu to discover the three brand new photo series from Charleroi, Graz and Bucharest.

© Sander Buyck © Sander Buyck


© Sander Buyck

The Belgian photographer Sander Buyck took his camera to Charleroi. In a poetic-documentary style he shows that beauty can be found in an industrial city which is rough around the edges. He records surprising contrasts.

© Lea Titz
The Austrian artist Lea Titz created a series on Graz, combining images and text. The citybooks authors in Graz sent her a sentence about an aspect of the city. She then captured these aspects in images and made the rest of the image ‘invisible’.

In Bucharest the young Romanian Christian Binder photographed the abundance of prominently present © Lea Titzbillboards throughout the city. His photos represent the meeting of the former Eastern Bloc country with western advertising. We have yet to find out whether these billboards will also play a role in the citybooks stories: Anna Luyten, Ester Naomi Perquin, Jaap Faber and two Romanian authors are currently in residency in Bucharest. Their citybooks will be available online at the start of 2012 as podcasts, e-books and webtexts.

© Lea Titz

© Christian Binder © Christian Binder

© Christian Binder



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