Wed 01 July 2015

citybooks Lisbon: city portrait no. 5 by Tim Etchells

Tim Etchells © HugoGlendinningBritish theatre maker and writer Tim Etchells (based in Sheffield) is the fifth author to write a citybook about Lisbon. BureauGrotesque - A Sad Tale of Scarton from Endland (sic) is a melancholy, exciting vortex of associations, impressions, language games and meta-reflections about and inspired by the Portuguese city.

Since the ‘90s, ‘Endland’ has made multiple appearances in Etchells’ stories; a country that – according to the author – both does and does not exist. He mixes references to real people and locations with names sprouted in his own imagination, uses Old English vocabulary alongside deliberately misspelled words. He posits that it’s precisely this kind of grotesque storytelling that can tell us something about the ‘strange and bitter times’ in which we live.

The author explains the origins of his Endland stories in more details in this text (pdf).

The Dutch translation of Hans Kloos will appear previewed in the literary publication DW B. The original English text and the French translation are already online to read and listen to, together with the citybooks about Lisbon by Sus Van Elzen, Dulce Maria Cardoso, Patrícia Portela and J.M. Vieira Mendes.


Foto Tim Etchells © HugoGlendinning


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