Thu 10 January 2013

citybooks exhibition Graz

© Lea TitzOn Tuesday the 15th of January, Galerie ORF in Graz will open an exhibition featuring the citybooks photos by Lea Titz and Andrea Galiazzo. Between them, the photographers made city portraits of Chartres, Graz and Venice. The exhibition is organised by citybookspartner NEXT and runs until the 24th of February. During the opening, authors Milena M. Flašar, Lydia Mischkulnig, Andrea Stift and Werner Schandor will be in attendance.


  • Private View: Tuesday 15th January, 19:30
  • The exhibition will be open from 16.01.2013 > 24.02.2013
  • Opening times: daily between 09:00 – 19:00
  • Location: Galerie ORF Landesstudio Steiermark,
    Marburger Straße 20, A - 8042 Graz


© Lea TitzThe Austrian artist Lea Titz made city portraits of Graz and of Chartres. In her series, she combines photography with graphic art and collage. In Graz, Titz found inspiration in the citations of the citybooks authors. She made black and white photographs of the city, which she later overdrew to emphasise specific details. In Chartres, the omnipresent cathedral overwhelmed Titz; as such, you’ll find it somewhere in every photo. With cuttings from the local paper, she adds comic and poetic notes to individual photos.

© andrea galiazzoAndrea Galiazzo made a city portrait of Venice in 24 photos: still lives of found objects. The result is a remarkably original city portrait that evokes the personal tales of those that live there, presents souvenirs of the Venice’s visitors, and silently remarks on the rich history of the city. An extraordinary ‘acqua alta’ during his stay submerged parts of the city. After the waters had receded, Galiazzo resumed his walks, collecting objects that, previously claimed by the water, had now reappeared on land. He divided these objects into different groups, composing carefully balanced still-lives.

Galiazzo studied art in Venice until 2009. Since 2005 he has exhibited his work internationally. In 2013 and 2014 Galiazzo will study at the HISK Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Ghent.


Discover the literary city portraits of Graz, Chartres and Venice, too, with stories of Cees Nooteboom, Atte Jongstra, Bart Van Loo, Luc Devoldere, Simone Lenaerts, Onno Kosters, Chris Van Camp, Jeroen van Rooij, Marcin Wroński, Goce Smilevski, Milena M. Flašar, Lydia Mischkulnig, Rebekka de Wit, Andrea Stift and Werner Schandor.

Organisation: Galerie ORF in collaboration with citybooks, deBuren, ORF Landesstudio Steiermark and next-Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst.


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