Tue 18 October 2011

citybooks authors read during the Off the Shelf Festival in Sheffield

Agnes Lehoczky © Henriette LouwerseOn Friday 14 October our Sheffield’s ‘local’ citybook poets Ágnes Lehóczky and Helen Mort read from their work during ‘Off the Shelf’, Sheffield’s annual festival of writing and reading.

For the occasion they teamed up with a third Sheffield poet, Alan Payne. This evening with a Sheffield theme showed that local can never simply be equated with the familiar but often triggers a movement far beyond the immediately visible or the supposedly well known. For Lehóczky Sheffield blends with other places visited including her home country of Hungary and for Mort the local offers an opening to an unfamiliar dream world beyond. The evening was presented by Adam Piette (University of Sheffield, School of English). Read and download (as free e-book) the original citybooks Parasite of Town by Ágnes Lehóczky and The God of Gaps by Helen Mort.


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