Fri 18 November 2011

citybooks Abdelkader Benali and Caroline Lamarche in translation projects

Starting this autumn, the multilingualism of the citybooksproject gets a special dimension. Abdelkader Benali is staying in Sheffield at the moment to write a new citybook. During his residency he is also coaching students working on a translation to English of the citybook Benali wrote last summer in Skopje. A second translation project takes place in Belgium. The original French citybook of Caroline Lamarche about Charleroi will be translated to Dutch by students of the Hogeschool Gent, in collaboration with students of the Université de Mons.

abdelkader benaliSheffield
Abdelkader Benali is at this moment staying in Sheffield to write a citybook. At the same time 35 students started to work on a translation of the citybook Benali wrote last summer in Skopje. This translation is part of the Virtual Dutch Translation Project, a collaboration between the Universities of Sheffield, Cambridge, Nottingham and UCL.

Benali, together with literary translator Jonathan Reeder will coach the students working on their translation from Dutch to English of his story Beeld van een gewapende strijder op een paard. The students work in groups of four, and will only meet in cyberspace, via a virtual learning environment. So besides being a translation project, this is also an exercise in cooperation through discussion board, chatrooms and videoconferencing sessions.

Curious about Benali s experiences and thoughts in Sheffield? Follow him on Twitter. His citybooks on Skopje and Sheffield will be published online in 2012 on citybooks of Joost Zwagerman, Rebecca Lenaerts, Helen Mort en Ágnes Lehóczky, the other authors participating in Sheffield are already available online as webtext, e-book and podcast, in Dutch, English and French.

Charleroi caroline lamarche c
Caroline Lamarche wrote a citybook in Charleroi titled Patrimoine immatériel: Un séjour au Pays noir. In the context of the project Traduction littéraire: collaborer pour communiqué (literary translations: collaboration for communication) studens of the department Translation of the Hogeschool Gent will translate the original French text into Dutch. Supervising the project is dr. Désirée Schyns. Across the language border in the Frenchspeaking part of Belgium, Carola Henn supervises students of the department Literary Translation of the University of Mons on the translation from Dutch to French of the Radiobook Erfenis (Legacy) by Joseph Pearce. This translation project, with students working across the border, received a grant of the Prins Filipsfonds.

Lamarches story on Charleroi as well as Thomas Gunzigs citybook on the same city, are already available in the original French version at The English translation, and the citybooks of the other authors participating in this edition in Charleroi (Erik Lindner, Davide Longo en Pascal Verbeken) will be published online this winter.

The Radiobook Legacy / Erfenis by Joseph Pearce can be listened to in Dutch and English on


The 19th of November the Hogeschool Gent and the University of Mons will present their collaborative translation project Traduction littéraire: collaborer pour communiqué at the researchmarket for Frenchspeaking Dutch language specialists.


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