Fri 08 March 2019

City Symphony of Ghent

In early 2015, Niña Weijers wrote Eclipse, a short story written for citybooks which incorporates the experiences of her residency in Ghent. The little diary describes her toilsome and often lonely authorship as well as her wanderings around the city.

Mari van Moll felt inspired by the text and she decided to make a short film out of it. What started as an internship project for deBuren grew into a contemporary reflection on the avant-garde genre of the city symphony of the 1920s and 1930s. Here, however, it is not about the modern metropolis with its anonymous throng and inexhaustible motion and change. In Kasseien en Kastelen, een stadsportret van Gent (Cobbles and Castles, a city portret of Ghent) Van Moll paints an intimate and contemporary picture of the East Flemish city. No overwhelming boulevards but small alleyways and dead end streets. Above all, Kasseien en Kastelen is a poetic musing, a moment of standstill in an ever more hectic existence, a contemplation of the small in the big city.


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