Tue 04 December 2012

City One Minutes on Austrian national television

Until the 10th of January 2012, Austrian national television will continue their daily broadcast of City One Minute films from Graz, Sheffield, Lublin and Skopje, as part of ORF III’s ‘Kunstraum’.


cityoneminutesFor more information about the City One Minutes project www.cityoneminutes.org.

From: City One Minutes Graz

You can watch the City One Minutes of each city on their citypage: Graz, Lublin, Sheffield en Skopje.


More news from Austria:

• Luise Kloos, coordinator of citybooks Graz, will present the project at the European Parliament in Berlin on the 16th and 17th of December.

• December 18th, Luise Kloos will present the book Ein Regenbogen kennt kein Heimweh in the Literaturhaus Graz. In this collection of stories there is story by Andrea Stift, who wrote a citybooks about Graz titled I do not live here. For more information www.nextkunst.at/



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