Mon 05 November 2012

Chika Unigwe wins Africa's biggest prize for literature

deBuren congratulates Chika Unigwe with the Nigeria Prize for Literature! She won the prize for her novel On Black Sister's street (published in Dutch as Fata Morgana) . According to the jury her book is 'a work of outstanding merit'.

The Nigeria Prize for Literature honours the best work of fiction of the past five years from Nigeria. The prize is worth 100,000 dollar, making it one of the biggest prizes for literature world wide. This year for the first time three women were shortlisted for the prize: Unigwe, Ngozi Achebe en Olusola Olugbesan.

Unigwe, who lives in Belgium, is also the first foreign based winner of this prize. For citybooks she wrote Heart of Darkness about her hometown Turnhout. You can listen to her citybook as an audiobook, read by the author herself, and read and download Heart of Darkness here.


Photo: Chika Unigwe © Kanene Dieobi


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