Thu 06 September 2012

Cees Nooteboom to Venice

On the 1Cees Nooteboom © Simone Sassen9th of September, Cees Nooteboom will depart for Venice and his citybooks residency. He is the first in line to be inspired by the city of water for citybooks. Shortly after his residency in Italy, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced, for which Nooteboom is the Dutch nominee.


luc devoldere © auteurLuc Devoldere (photo), Editorial Head of Ons Erfdeel, is the first to visit Venice for citybooks. The 7th of September is the last day of his residency and the first of Austrian writer Lydia Mischkulnig. In October two more Dutch authors will travel to Italy: Rebekka de Wit and Atte Jongstra. The photographer Andrea Galiazzo will portray this city in November in 24 images.


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