Fri 01 February 2013

Cees Nooteboom Prepublication in Ons Erfdeel

Cees Nooteboom © Simone SassenIn 2012, Cees Nooteboom wrote the citybook Venice 2012, in which he casts sharp eyes over paintings, visits and old church and finally dares – wobblywobblywobblywobbly’ – to step into a gondola. ‘Ten visits to Venice and the first time in a gondola’. Venice 2012 will appear in prepublication in the February edition of the Flemish-Dutch cultural magazine Ons Erfdeel, later this week. In August, the original Dutch version of the citybook The Facts of the Case by Peter Terrin about Turnhout will follow.

citybooks will pop up in the French- and English-language publications of Ons Erfdeel this year, too. La veritable cause, the French translation of Peter Terrin’s citybook will appear in its entirety in Septentrion, which will also feature a fragment of the French translation of Cees Nooteboom’s citybook. abdelkader benali © henriette louwerseAbdelkader Benali’s citybook Down and Dirty in Sheffield will appear in April in The Low Countries. We’re curious to find out what the English-language community thinks of his story, in which ‘the great bacchanalia of going out, boozing and reaching verbal orgasm’ takes centre stage.




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