Mon 18 June 2012

Bart Van Loo’s citybook about Chartres now online

Bart van Loo © Koen BroosFollowing the string of promising blog updates that Francophile Bart Van Loo sent into the world during his Chartres residency, his citybook is finished. With his leg in a cast, he braves the winding streets, ponders shuttle bus poems, plaster cast haikus and poule au pot, and witnesses a colourful collection of historical locals pop up around the city.

You can read Sluiertijd (The Veil of Time) now at, where you can download it for free as an e-book. The podcast version, read and recorded by the author, will also appear online soon, as will the French and English translations.

  • On Saturday 16th of June 2012, between 06:00 and 07:00, early birds can listen to an extensive interview with Van Loo as part of the broadcast Nachtvluchten on Radio 1 (in Dutch). He will talk about his passion for France and the various books he has written on the subject, including Blue Blanc Rouge and Chanson. Een gezongen geschiedenis van Frankrijk (Chanson. A Sung History of France). If you’d like to listen to the interview at a later time, you can do so via the webstream or the Radio 1 podcast (available from the 20th of June).
  • Watch an interview with Van Loo during his residency in Chartres here.

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