Mon 03 December 2012

Arnon Grunberg in De Markten in Brussels

arnon grunberg © Marianne HommersomDue to unforeseen circumstances, Arnon Grunberg had to cancel his visit to Brussels in June, but he did promise to come by in the autumn. On December 13th, the time will have come!

Arnon Grunberg resided in Lublin for two weeks in the beginning of 2012 and wrote the citybook A Reported Offence about this city.

In the story, 24 year-old Danuta Kalinowska reports Arnon Grunberg, ‘a man without morals’, to the police. ‘First he did to me what you do not do with a virtuous woman, and then he did that to my mother.' He drank their vodka and their soup. He made them sing folksongs. And various items ‘disappeared’ from their home…

Grunberg will read from his citybook and will be interviewed by Gudrun De Geyter (VRT Klara) about his experiences in Poland and about how his story came to be .

Thursday 13 December 2012 - 20:00
Location: De Markten | Spiegelzaal | Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000, Brussels
In Dutch
Free, reservation recommended.


  • Listen to live interviews with Arnon Grunberg on Radio 1 Belgium programme Joos (14.12.2012) and as part of Babel on Klara (13.12.2012) (In Dutch).
  • During his residency, Grunberg wrote a number of blog posts from Lublin, read them here.
  • He was also interviewed by the local press. Read an interview here (translated from Polish)



arnon grunberg © Marianne Hommersom

arnon grunberg © Marianne Hommersom

arnon grunberg © Marianne Hommersom

arnon grunberg © Marianne HommersomPhotos © deBuren / Marianne Hommersom

Organization: deBuren in collaboration with De Markten


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