Mon 05 March 2012

Arnon Grunberg blogs about Lublin (4)

The Dutch author Arnon Grunberg stayed two weeks in Lublin for his citybooks residency. In his blog he writes about his experiences in the Polish city. Today the last blog posts from Lublin, Grunberg returned home again. The resulting citybook will be published online in the next months in Dutch, English, French and Polish!


2012/02/23 Hangman

One of the places that I could visit in Lublin was the “Hangman’s House”, which is described as a mysterious place in the center of the city, the house of the town’s hangman. I went to the Dlugosza Street where the hangman’s house was supposed to be. I noticed a school, but I didn’t see anything that resembled a hangman’s house. There were lots of pupils. I didn’t feel like asking them: “Excuse me, but where is the hangman’s house?”


2012/02/26 Obsession

“I’m as fond of waitresses as you are,” the journalist said. “Why do you think are we so obsessed by waitresses?” “Well,” I answered, “I’m not sure if it’s an obsession. But yes, I've been fond of waitresses since the day I set foot in a restaurant. A waitress brings us food and drinks. She resembles the mother who used to bring us food and drinks as well. In general the waitress is in some sort of uniform. The mother is never in uniform. The waitress combines the best of two worlds, she is not waiting for grandchildren but she keeps us alive.” “This is it,” the journalist said. The journalist looked genuinely happy.


2012/02/27 Back

Too long
This morning I went back to Majdanek --this time with my godson and his mother. “They keep Zyklon B behind glass near the gas chamber,” the mother of my godson said. I did see the gas chamber, but I didn’t manage to see the Zyklon B. Although it was snowing I didn’t want to stay inside for too long.


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