Photos by Stefan Arno Möhl


Nachtschwärmer // Nighthawks

The photo series “Nighthawks” composes impressions from the nocturnal streets of Stellenbosch. Other then many South African cities, Stellenbosch is characterised by its street life. The old centre is populated with students sitting in street corner cafés or tourists, doing window shopping. In that regard, Stellenbosch is even considered a “European” town.

At the same time Stellenbosch, is often referred to as a “place in a bubble“, a sheltered place that excludes itself from the rest of the country. The visitor to Stellenbosch comes across various gated communities and private security cars, patrolling the town day and night.

Stefan Möhl joined a group of private security officers. He was interested in what happens on the nightly streets of Stellenbosch. Depicting their work on the streets, he shows something of the town’s everyday life and its seclusion and isolation. Strolling mostly at night trough the town, Möhl came across many people for whom the streets became a habitat, such as homeless people and car guards. Altogether, the pictures in “Nighthawks” shed light on the “every-night” of Stellenbosch.