2012 was Turnhout’s year as the Flemish City of Culture. deBuren and Turnhout 2012 invited five authors to each write a citybook about the Capital of the Campine. 800 years ago (in 1212), Turnhout obtained its city rights; now it has citybooks, too!

Lasha Bugadze

Lasha Bugadze

Three in the city

სამნი ქალაქში

Turnhout, sometimes called the city of playing cards, lies just South of the Dutch border in Belgium. The city formed around the hunting castle of the Dukes of Brabant, on the crossroad of two major trade routes. The 12th century castle is still a prominent feature of Turnhout today. For about 675 years now (2013) every Saturday, there’s a market in Turnhout. In Turnhout the past is (a) present for all who will visit it.

The authors who visited Turnhout were the Dutch author and philosopher of law Maxim Februari, the prominent Flemish writer Peter Terrin, and the Georgian playwright and novelist Lasha Bugadze. Alongside the guests from afar, the project included two authors from Turnhout itself: Walter van den Broeck and Chika Unigwe, each portrayed ‘their’ city in a short story.

As well as literature, citybooks deal in the visual arts. The young Georgian photographer Kakha Kakhiani shared his vision of Turnhout in a series of 24 photos, following the citybook portrait of his home city Tbilisi he made last year. And of course, a new edition of the City One Minutes is also added to the current series: 24 one-minute films corresponding with the 24 hours of a day in Turnhout, made by the Armenian video artist Nare Hovhannisyan.



City One Minutes


Watch the videos at cityoneminutes.org.