With its many (university) students and its architecture that goes back to the Gothic period, Graz is the city where old and new become one. The citybooks partner in the Austrian city Graz is next, Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst. The residencies were provided by the Literaturhaus Graz.

Simone Lenaerts

Simone Lenaerts

A Scrap of Time

Een schijn van tijd

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Werner Schandor

Werner Schandor

Freedom of the Heart

Die Freiheit des Herzens

Andrea Stift

Andrea Stift

I do not live here

Ich lebe hier nicht

Local authors Milena Michiko Flašar (who also participated in citybooks Ostend), Werner Schandor and Andrea Stift shed new light on their (former) hometown. Visiting authors were Onno Kosters, a Dutch poet who also wrote for citybooks Utrecht, and Simone Lenaerts, a Flemish prose writer who was working on a novel about the Second World War (De onmisbare) when she arrived in Graz.

Graz proved to be one of the most visual cities in the project so far. By organizing exhibitions and by giving extra attention to the visual aspects of the project (photos and City One Minutes), citybooks Graz became so much more than just a residency project.

Lea Titz acted as the citybooks photographer in Graz, her black-and-white photos were inspired by quotes provided by the citybookauthors. Titz later made a second series of citybooks photos in Chartres.
The City One Minutes were filmed by an international team consisting of Franck Perrot (who worked on the City One Minutes in Chartres as well), Klaus Pomander, Lotte Schreiber, XXkunstkabel, Lea Titz and Josip Zanki/Martina Mezak. Composer Gerhard Nierhaus wrote a new composition to serve as a sound score for these short films. Austrian network ORF Steiermark broadcasted the City One Minutes in their entirety.

next, Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst specializes in the conception and organization of international contemporary artists in residence projects. Artists working in various disciplines fitting the temporary ateliers and respective themes are invited. Both young and upcoming artists as experienced artists take part in the projects. next also stimulates the cooperation with artists from Southeast-Europe. Intercultural dialogue and cooperation is a main point of interest.


next, Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst ist auf die Konzeption und Durchführung zeitgenössischer internationaler artists in residence Projekte spezialisiert. Den temporären Ateliers und dem jeweiligen Thema entsprechend werden KünstlerInnen aus verschiedenen Disziplinen zur Zusammenarbeit eingeladen. Dabei ergibt sich eine Durchmischung von sehr jungen bis hin zu erfahrenen KünstlerInnen. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt ist die Kooperation mit KünstlerInnen aus dem südosteuropäischen Raum.


  • From 15.01 > 24.02.2013 the citybooksphotos from Graz, Chartres and Venice were exhibited in the ORF Funkhausgallery in Graz. With photos by Lea Titz and Andrea Galiazzo. Read more ...
  • Friday the 11th of May 2012, the citybooks Graz were presented at the designHalle Graz. Doris Lind wrote an interesting introduction to the project and the exhibition. You can read the text here in German or in the Dutch translation.
    Below you can find some videos of the presentation of the citybooks Graz at the designHalle.


    Luise Kloos (next) presents the citybooks bookpublication Graz, actor Rudi Wiederhofer reads the introduction by Andreas Unterweger © Edwin Rainer

    Actress Ninja Reichert reads from the citybook by Milena Michiko Flašar © Edwin Rainer


    September 26th, 2011, citybooks Graz was launched in the Literaturhaus Graz. Below some videos of this evening.

    presentation Graz, introduction by Gerhard Melzer, and Lea Titz talks about her photo's for citybooks Graz. 26.09.2011 © Edwin Rainer.

    Introduction by Gerhard Melzer, Louise Kloos and Willem Bongers. 26/09/2011. © Edwin Rainer.

    Onno Kosters reads his poem All and Nothing, written for citybooks Utrecht. 26/09/2011. © Edwin Rainer.

    Onno Kosters reads 3 poems for Graz. 26/09/2011. © Edwin Rainer.

    Werner Schandor reads from his citybook Die Freiheit des Herzens.  26/09/2011. © Edwin Rainer.


    Andrea Stift reads from her citybook Ich lebe hier nicht. 26/09/2011. © Edwin Rainer

    Milena M. Flasar reads from her citybook Leb Wohl voor. 26/09/2011. © Edwin Rainer

    Simone Lenaerts reads from her debutnovel Zeewater is zout, zeggen ze. 26/09/2011. © Edwin Rainer



    City One Minutes


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