In the summer of 2010, deBuren visited the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in South-Africa, with the support of ‘Vlaanderen Internationaal / de Vlaamse overheid’ (Flanders International / the Flemish government), in order to create a series of city portraits together with authors, photographers and video artists.

Ingrid Winterbach

Ingrid Winterbach



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Grahamstown is home to Rhodes University, the annually National Arts Festival and SciFest Afrika but also to a large variety of religious and other uniquely historical buildings. Grahamstown was founded in the beginning of the 19th century by the British colonel John Graham as a military outpost. It gradually became the lively market town that it is today.

Author and illustrator Gerda Dendooven represented Flanders at the festival and wrote there the citybook A Perfect Plan - Stories from the Land of the Black Man. The South-African author Brink Scholtz – who also resided in Utrecht – invited three African authors to write a citybook: Ronelda Kamfer, Ingrid Winterbach and Toast Coetzer wrote in Afrikaans. Brink Scholtz wrote in English.

The South-African photographer Sophie Smith produced an impressive photo coverage about poverty, for which she followed a 77-year-old vagrant called ‘Rooiland’.
Students of the Journalism and Media Studies Department at Rhodes University in Grahamstown made City One Minutes. These 24 short films of 1 minute portray the city during the National Arts Festival. Every hour of the day is visualized in one minute.




City One Minutes


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