citybooks Bruges started in 2017 in cooperation with KAAP Creative Compass during literary festival Bru∙Taal. The first guest author was Dutch poet and author Hagar Peeters.

Hagar Peeters

Hagar Peeters

The portrait

Het portret

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citybooks and KAAP Creative Compass invite four authors and two visual artists to create unique city portraits of Bruges.

citybooks Bruges started during literary festival Bru∙Taal in May 2017. A wide a range of activites takes place with international authors, literary performances and music. deBuren participates in several events during the festival.

The first guest author was Dutch poet and author Hagar Peeters. In her citybook 'The Portrait', she gives a voice to a painting by Memling. Belgian writer Hannah Roels returned to the city of her childhood and wrote 'The contamination'. Italian author Francesca Melandri took a trip outside of the historic centre during her residency to visit the harbour of Zeebrugge. This inspired her to write the essay 'Invasions'. In the spring of 2021 the fourth and final author took up residency: Yelena Moskovich wrote 'Sick Fuck Operetta'.

For the visual portrait of the city, Jelena Jureša created the fascinating series of photos 'Gestures'. The second artist to create a visual citybook is Elena Aya Bundurakis, who resided in Bruges in September 2021 and made the series 'AGOG'.



Local partners for citybooks Bruges are Kaap Creative Compass, the city of Bruges and Brugge plus.

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TIP - Quite a few of the guest authors at the festival have written a citybook or a Radio Book:

Ghayath Almadhoun wrote citybooks on Ypres and Antwerp
Carmien Michels wrote a citybook on Münster
Maud Vanhauwaert wrote a citybook on Lublin
Stefan Hertmans wrote a citybook on Tbilisi and the Radio Book Star of Salvation
Annelies Verbeke wrote citybooks on Ghent and Jakarta
Jeroen Olyslaegers wrote citybooks on Utrecht and Ostend
Cees Nooteboom wrote a citybook on Venice
Michael Bijnens wrote a citybook on Antwerp
Marc Reugebrink wrote the Radio Book Brass and Us
Dimitri Verhulst wrote the Radio Book Who drank Hector Hernandez?
Herman Koch wrote the Radio Book A Brief History of Deceit
Adriaan van Dis wrote the Radio Book Hoog bezoek
Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer wrote the Radio Book De verandering
Menno Wigman wrote the Radio Book Kaputnik
Peter Verhelst wrote the Radio Book Legion
Anne Vegter
wrote the Radio Book Odin is asleep