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CONFESSION I often read ‘anger’ as ‘angel’.   OVERTURE The story is ours, but it is His. The story...

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Yelena Moskovich was born in Soviet Ukraine and immigrated to America as a Jewish refugee with her family in 1991, then on her own to France in 2007. She's a performance and visual artist and writer, author of A Door Behind A Door (2021), Virtuoso (2019), which was long-listed for the Dylan Thomas Prize, and The Natashas (2016). She has also written for Frieze, Apartamento, Vogue, Paris Review, Times Literary Supplement, Skirt Chronicles, Dyke_On Magazine, amongst others. In 2018, she served as a curator and exhibiting artist for the Los Angeles Queer Biennial. She lives in Paris.

In 2021, Yelena Moskovich writes a citybook on Brugge. More info coming soon!