Wim Brands


Wim Brands about Ghent

The Brass Band that Ate an Elephant

De fanfare die een olifant opat

‘Ghent is a city of clouds’, writes Dutch author and journalist Wim Brands in his citybook The Brass Band ...

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Wim Brands (The Netherlands, 1959 - 2016) was a Dutch poet, journalist and radio/TV presenter. Since making his poetry debut in 1978, his work was published in many literary journals and he has published poetry anthologies, including De schoenen van de buurman (1999) and Neem me mee, zei de hond (2010). Since 1987, he produced radio shows and TV programmes for the VPRO broadcasting corporation, including the TV programme 'Boeken', as well as the radio show 'Brands met Boeken' for Radio 1. In addition, he tought at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie university of applied sciences for fine arts and design.

For citybooks, Wim Brands wrote about Ghent.