Ulli Lust

The Austrian cartoonist Ulli Lust (1967, Vienna) has published multiple graphic novels, illustrated children’s books, and made drawings that have appeared in a variety of newspapers and magazines. She began her career as a children’s book illustrator and received the Unicef Award for this work in 1995. In 2005, together with Kai Pfeiffer and Eric Wunder, she set up the online publisher electrocomics.com. In 2009 Lust published her first graphic novel Heute ist der letzte Tag vom Rest deines Lebens, which was immediately crowned Best German Independent Comic. Her autobiographical story appeared in multiple languages, including in English as Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, which in 2013 won the Ignatz Award and the LA Times Book Award for best comic and was nominated for the Eisner Award. The French translation was awarded at the Angoulême comic festival. 2013 saw the publication of Flughunde, a comic after the novel by Marcel Beyer. In the recently published Wie ich versuchte ein guter Mensch zu sein (2017, Suhrkamp Verlag) she once more reworks experiences from her own life in the form of a graphic novel. She lives and works in Berlin and teaches at the Hannover Hochschule.

In February 2018, Ulli Lust spent two weeks as our guest in Haarlem. This city has a lively cartoonists’ scene, with the biennial Stripdagen festival as a regular highlight. This is why, for citybooks Haarlem, instead of asking a photographer to make a visual portrait of the city, we decided to invite a cartoonist. During her residency, Lust spoke during a public event about her work and her experiences in Haarlem. Her illustrated citybook will be exhibited during the Stripdagen festival in 2018 in Haarlem’s town hall.


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Website of the author: www.ullilust.de