Toast Coetzer


Toast Coetzer about Grahamstown

I am sitting in the sea

ek sit in die see

I am sitting in the sea it is dry children emptied it and then there was nothing I climb out of the car my eye...

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Toast Coetzer is a novelist, poet and has been the front man of a musical collective called The Buckfever Underground for the last twelve years. Once, years ago, he beat the bass player of Skunk Anansie at a game of pool. The Buckfever Underground is an improvisational band that Toast also uses as a vehicle to perform his poetry. His first novel Naweek was published in 2009. Toast is an editor for Ons Klyntji, an erratic publication which appears at best twice a year. By day he works as a travelling writer at Weg / Go! magazine to pay the bills.