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The Reservation

La réserve

In The Veil of Time, and with his leg in a cast, Bart Van Loo braves the winding streets of Chartres. He compos...

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Thomas Gunzig (1970) is a graduate of political science. His debut, the collection of stories entitled Situation instable penchant vers le mois d'août, was awarded the city of Brussels prize for writer-student in 1994. Since then he has written various collections of short stories, novels (Mort d'un parfait bilingue, Prix Rossel 2001), radio plays and books for the young.

Gunzig is known for his imaginative prose, steeped in black humour. His texts have already been adapted in various countries as plays or published in translation. 2008 even saw him acting in one of his own plays, Les Origines de la vie, that he performed together with Isabelle Wéry. Besides being a writer, Thomas Gunzig also teaches literature at the French-speaking La Cambre school for Visual Arts in Brussels. For deBuren he wrote the Radio books La Gambas and La plus grande invention du monde. The latter story is a Radio book for children.


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