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A Great Sense of Nostalgia

Een groot heimwee

The Doctor The doctor’s practice was in the Rua Ivens, fifty metres up from the Fnac in Rua do Carmo; the...

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Sus Van Elzen (Antwerpen, Belgium, 1945) studied Germanic philology (Dutch, English, German) at the University of Ghent. From 1973 - 2004 he was journalist and foreign editor at Belgian Flemish newsweekly Knack, writing about international politics but also about cultural issues and literature. Van Elzen visited Portugal for the first time during the period of the Carnation Revolution in 1974, and since then has written about Portuguese politics and culture ,with annual visits to Portugal. For his cultural writings had the opportunity to interview José Saramago and Antonio Lobo Antunes, among others. Over the years has specialized in China, the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the Islamic world, having extensively visited these regions. In 2008 he published De draak en de rozentuin, an essay on the political and cultural conflict between the Chinese artistic world and the political regime. This book was published in 2009 in English as Dragon & Rose Garden, Art and Power in China. He has published four books on politics and on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. For deBuren Van Elzen has also written the Radio Book White Patches lost on the plain.

Sus Van Elzen wrote a citybook about Lisbon.

Nascido em Berchem (1945, Antwerpen, Bélgica) Sus Van Elzen studou filologia germânica (Holandês, Inglês, Alemão) na Rijksuniversiteit Gent. 1973 - 2004 Jornalista no semanario belga de lingua flamenga Knack, onde escreve artigos sobre cultura, critica literária e política internacional. A partir de 1974, escreve semanalmente sobre política internacional. Visitou Portugal pela primeira vez durante o periodo da Revolução dos Cravos e desde então, escreveu sobre politica e cultura portuguesa visitando Portugal anualmente. No aspecto cultural teve a ocasiao de entrevistar José Saramago e Antonio Lobo Antunes, entre outros. Ao longo dos anos especializou-se na China, no conflito entre Israel e a Palestina e no mundo islâmico, tendo visitado extensivamente estas regiões. Em 2008 publicou De Draak en de rozentuin, um ensaio politico-cultural sobre o conflito entre a cultura chinesa e o regime político. Este livro foi publicado em 2009 em Inglês com o titulo Dragon & Rose Garden, Art and Power in China. Desde 1974 publicou 4 livros sobre a politica no Médio-Oriente e o conflito entre Israel e a Palestina.