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Rodaan Al Galidi about Antwerp

Antwerp in november

Antwerpen in november

Ten poems   Warning Warning Attention, attention: from now on hate and fear are forbidden in Antwerp. ...

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Rodaan Al Galidi (Iraq, 1971) studied as a civil engineer. Via detours through Jordan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, he came to The Netherlands in 1998, where he sought asylum. During the long asylum procedure he was not permitted to work or study, and so he taught himself Dutch. In 2000 he published his first Dutch-language poetry collection Voor de nachtegaal in het ei (For the Nightingale in the Egg). Since, he has published various collections and novels. His work has been nominated for awards including the VSB Poezieprijs, the J.C. Bloemprijs, the BNG Literatuurprijs and the Gerard Walschap Literatuurprijs. In 2011 he won the European Union Prize for Literature for his novel De autist en de postduif (The Autist and the Carrier Pigeon). Shortly thereafter he failed the Dutch citizenship exam. January 2016 saw the publication of his novel Hoe ik talent voor het leven kreeg (How I Gained a Talent for Life) and the poetry collection Koelkastlicht (Fridge Light).

Previously voor deBuren, Rodaan wrote the Radiobooks February at Schiphol and Tango with Goat. For citybooks he wrote a series of poems about Antwerp.