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my humble home / aan huis geketend / fourgon fermé

aan huis geketend / my humble home / fourgon fermé

An imaginary performance for one female actor.Two characters: a young woman in jeans and Lady Denham.Extras: Fi...

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Belgian born Rebecca Lenaerts (1980) studied Art History and Theatre sciences at the University of Ghent and the Freie Universität Berlin and followed the actress training at the RITS (Brussels) and the UDK Art school (Berlin). Lenaerts started as a podcastster on the internet. Under the name devrouwdie (thewomanwho) she created audio cityportraits about Brussels. This work resulted in the cd’s BXL Histoires d’une Stad (2007), BXL Le Paradis/ijs (2010) and In Arcadia, an auditory journey through10 paintings (2011).

She developed further the artistic possibilities and skills in the medium podcasting and became fascinated by audio-stories, storytelling and the theatrical possibilities of sound and image. How can sound and image arouse a sense of theatre in the spectator? By playing around with text, voice and sound, reality is shifted into a theatrical experience that toes and froes with the imagination of an audience. For the School of Modern Languages of the University of Sheffield, she developed an artistic language course in Dutch: Lost in Translation.

Her work results in audio stories, audiovisual installations and performances.

From April the 17th till 27th 2012, Lenaerts exhibited her audio visual installation TREKVOGELS / OISEAUX VOYAGEURS: a collaborative story at croxhapox, Gent. Click here for more information about this project.

In 2012 she worked on a project in Brussels: "What are my duties? A story to be confirmed.". The result, a fragmented story in pictures, video, sound and text, can be discovered on the website



Lost in Translation from VirtualDutchTUOS on Vimeo.

Workshop Language = Art by Rebecca Lenaerts at Sheffield University. A film by Heleen Vanschoenwinkel and Rebecca Lenaerts.


Workshop Rebecca Lenaerts from VirtualDutchTUOS on Vimeo.

Rebecca Lenaerts doing a workshop with students of Havelock Academy, Grimsby.