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Peter Holvoet-Hanssen about Ostend

The mission in Ostend

De missie in Oostende

The 5th of September 2012 the Belgian newspaper De Morgen published the original Dutch citybook De missie in...

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Peter Holvoet-Hanssen (Antwerp-Merksem, 1960) created his own niche in poetry with the triptych Dwangbuis van Houdini (Houdini’s Straitjacket) (1998, Flemish Debut Prize 1999), Strombolicchio. Uit de smidse van Vulcanus (Strombolicchio. From the forge of Vulcanus) (1999, Dirk Martens Prize 2001) and Santander. Ontboezemingen in het vossenvel (Santander. Revelations in fox fur ) (2001). After his ‘anti-novel’ De vliegende monnik (The flying monk) (2004), he wrote Spinalonga (2005, triannual Culture Prize of the Flemish Society 2008). With Navagio (2008, triannual Paul Snoek Poetry Prize 2010), he explored the silence of the underwater deep. With ‘Het Kapersnest’ (The Pirates’ nest) he captivates youngsters as a troubadour with journeys through poetry.