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The English translation of Niña Weijers' citybook on Ghent, translated by Michele Hutchison, was published in ...

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Niña Weijers (Nijmegen, 1987) studied literary science in Amsterdam and Dublin. She has written short stories and essays for a range of periodicals, and in 2010 she won the writing competition Write Now!. For De Groene Amsterdammer she writes reviews and an online column, and she is an editor for the literary magazine De Gids. Together with Simone van Saarloos, she makes the talk show Weijers & Van Saarloos. Her debut novel De consequenties (Atlas Contact publishers) appeared in 2014 to immediate critical acclaim. The book was nominated for the Bronzen Uil and won the 2014 Anton Wachter prize. It has been longlisted for the Libris Literature prize and shortlisted for the 2015 Gouden Boekenuil. French and German translations of the novel are currently in progress.

Niña Weijers will travel to Belgium in the spring of 2015 to write a citybook inspired by Ghent.