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I was just sixteen years old when I began collecting data. I barricaded a room in my father’s house and read...

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Michael Bijnens (Antwerp, 1990) is a theatre maker and a writer. He studied at the Rits in Brussels, where he tried every genre and media but eventually found himself most at home in the world of the written word. During his training he regularly spent several months abroad. He stayed in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, in revolutionary Cairo, in reactionary Jerusalem, and immersed himself in the northwest of Mexico, an area ravaged by drug-related violence. Out of these experiences, he has fashioned a monologue and a film, among others. The five months in Mexico resulted in the text La Línea and in the graduation performance of the same name, a deranged crime thriller about a series of real-life murders of patients at a psychiatric institution in the middle of the desert. The text was published in 2013 in the collection De wereld bij mij (The World With Me) (Bebuquin). With the triptych Iris/O falso profeto/Bloedspoor he won the ARTES Jongtheaterschrijfprijs at Theater Aan Zee 2013. Together with Aurelie Di Marino he made the performance Valley of Saints in 2014. 2015 saw the publication of his debut novel Cinderella (Atlas Contact), a tragic and especially hilarious journey through the underworld à la Flamande. The same year he made the performance Aperçu de l’inconnu and was awarded the Charlotte Köhler stipend for burgeoning literary talent.

Voor citybooks he wrote about Antwerp, the city in which he was born.