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Małgorzata Rejmer about Hasselt-Genk

Wings are just a metaphor

Skrzydła są tylko przenośnią

Niche Now that you're dead, final decisions must be made. Would you like to be buried in jeans or in a suit? D...

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Warsaw, Bucharest, Lisbon, Riga – these are a few of the many cities dear to Małgorzata Rejmer (Poland, 1985), both in a literary way and in real life. After her debut Toxaemia, a novel in stories, readers waited for the continuation of this grotesque prose, but the writer has decided to write non-fiction and instead of another ‘study of strangeness’ she wrote a book about a place. Bukareszt, kurz i krew (Bucharest – dust and blood) has proven that Małgorzata Rejmer is a great reporter and essayist. The Romanian capital as seen by her no longer looks as ‘Paris of the Eastern Block’, it becomes more like ‘boiling water, raging and obscure’, ‘is like a cake bought on Sundays, ostensibly chocolate and sweet, but with bitter glaze’. For this book she gained the Teresa Torańska Award by Newsweek and received nomination for Polityka's Passport.

For citybooks, Małgorzata Rejmer will write about two Belgian cities: Hasselt and Genk.