Maciej Rukasz

Maciej Rukasz was born in 1988 and was shaped by the 90s and Nintendo. Although he studied to be a lawyer he works as fashion, publicity and theatre photographer. He teaches photography at the School for Photography in Lublin. He has also had a number of exhibitions of his work. He was given a CCA grant and was nominated for the Żuraw 2011 (a culture prize in Lublin). He is devoted to his native city and still lives and works there. Although he travels a lot, it’s not the fact of travelling that interests him, it’s primarily the way travelling changes one’s view on the world. Minimalism is the only limitation that he accepts.

Rukasz' photoseries for citybooks Lublin is titled 'Stranded in the suburbs'. About his project:
"When I started working on the project conceptually, it was very strict, planned and what is most important, it looked completely different. First of all I wanted it to be a fair, real, true portrait of this city. I kind of wanted it to fit into a scheme of promoting Lublin, showing it as a dynamic as possible. When I had started taking pictures it turned out, I instinctively came back to certain places. I wandered a lot around the city, the suburbs. Every time I went through the images I had captured I saw the same memories. Every single time I also took pictures I had planned to take, but the ones that captured my eye during the editing process were completely different ones. All of them are connected to a 'Lublin' I know for a very long time. All of them are reflections of what I saw many years ago, how I remember it and sometimes how nothing has changed."


Maciej Rukasz – urodzony w 88r. ukształtowany przez lata 90te i Nintendo. Z wykształcenia prawnik. Pracuje jako fotograf mody, reklamowy i teatralny. Wykładowca Lubelskiej Szkoły Fotografii. Publikował między innymi w Teatrze, Wprost, Przekroju, Newsweeku, Dzienniku, ZOOM'ie. Wraz z Martą Zgierską tworzy Agencję BlowUp. Ma na koncie kilka indywidualnych wystaw. Dokumentuje festiwale teatralne, tworzy plakaty. Stypendysta CCA, nominowany do nagrody Żurawia 2011. Lublinianin z wyboru, na przekór wszystkiemu. Skupia się na przedstawianiu rzeczywistości takiej, jaką sam lubi oglądać. Ciągle w podróży. Ale podróż to nie tylko droga, to metoda spojrzenia. Z ograniczeń uznaje tylko minimalizm.