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Pearl without a Shell

Parel zonder schelp

In his citybook about Venice, Luc Devoldere takes us on a journey from 537 to 2012, to the city and the lagoon,...

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Luc Devoldere (Kortrijk, 1956) is a classicist, philosopher, and since 1996 associated with Stichting Ons Erfdeel, of which he became editor-in-chief in 2002. His contributions to social debate take the form of essays, in which he advocates a symbiosis between European culture and tradition and the challenges of modernity. He is much lauded for his books: in 2004 Wachtend op de barbaren (Waiting for the Barbarians) was awarded the Prijs Letterkunde by the Flemish Provinces and Mijn Italië (My Italy) was recognized with the Prijs Essay by the Province of West-Flanders in 2008. Alongside his book-bound essays, he is also highly active as an essayist for cultural and literary magazines and newspapers.

Luc Devoldere wrote about Venice in september 2012.

Luc Devoldere (Kortrijk, 1956) è un classicista, filosofo, e dal 1996 collabora con l’associazione culturale Ons Erfdeel, della quale è redattore capo dal 2002. Ha vinto vari premi. Ha ricevuto il Premio per la Letteratura delle Province Fiamminghe per Wachtend op de barbaren (Aspettandi i barbari, 2004) e per Mijn Italië (La mia Italia) ha vinto il Premio Saggistica della Provincia delle Fiandre occidentali nel 2008. Oltre ai saggi in volume, Devoldere scrive anche saggi per riviste e giornali culturali e letterari.