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Writer and poet Kees ‘t Hart (The Hague, 1944) spent part of his childhood in Curaçao before he moved to The Netherlands. He worked as an officer for the Dutch Royal Air Force, after which he studied Dutch Literature at the University of Amsterdam and began a career in education. He taught Applied Linguistics and Modern Literature at the teachers’ academy Ubbo Emmius in Leeuwarden and Groningen. In 1988 he debuted with Vitrines. Since, he has published a multitude of stories, novels, essays, and poems. He has received many prizes for his work, notably the Multatuli Prize for De Revue in 1999, and in 2000 the Ida Gerhardt Poetry Prize for the collection Kinderen die leren lezen (Children who learn to read). He has also been nominated for the AKO and the Libris Literature prize, and served on jury for the 2003 Libris Prize, and since 2010 has been a jury member for the Anton Wachter and the Woutertje Pieterse Literature prizes. Alongside this, ‘t Hart edited the literary periodical De Revisor and compiled a special edition for the football magazine Hard Gras about the club Heerenveen. The work Het mooiste leven… (The Most Beautiful Life…) from 2001 draws on his experiences with this club. He writes for the book section of De Groene Amsterdammer. His outstandingly received novel Hotel Vertigo has been nominated for the Libris Literature Prize 2015. For deBuren, ‘t Hart previously wrote the Radio Book The Pigeon.

Kees 't Hart will write a city portrait about Ypres in the spring of 2015.

On 11 June, the author will talk about his work with Dirk Clement in the public library in Ypres. With music by Dries Chaerle.