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Jeroen van Rooij travelled to the French Chartres for citybooks. There, he wrote the story Labyrinths; a reflec...

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Jeroen van Rooij (1979) debuted in 2010 as novelist at Prometheus publishing with the much praised De Eerste Hond In De Ruimte, the story of a town whose days are numbered. Not because the gods are angered or because the environment has been poisoned, but for the quite simple reason that the supply of days is running out. The inhabitants of the town are unaware of the situation. Night after night they overindulge themselves in techno en xtc. Others try to keep the wolf from the door by running a snack bar, or roam the streets in search of the ultimate inspiration that will give them the perfect pop song. When one of the daymakers comes into town in search of a way to face the oncoming fate of the town, the characters and their stories become intertwined.

Jeroen van Rooij, besides being a novelist, is editor of the literary foundation Perdu in Amsterdam, as well as coordinator of the online platform for literary criticism, De Reactor. He has published stories in the literary magazines DWB and nY, and in 2008 he published a collection of stories via his website entitled Zeg eens: wat in je mond ligt.