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John Lennon the Dog

الكلب جون لينون

Since I arrived two weeks ago the city has been flooded, rather like my mind, in which images and ideas rain d...

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Hassan Blasim (1973) is Iraqi-Finnish author who writes in Arabic. He is best known for his short stories but his work also includes poems, theatre and film. His books have been translated into over 20 languages. Blasim's second short story collection, The Iraqi Christ won the 2014 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize - the first Arabic title and the first short story collection ever to win the award. Blasim has also won the PEN-award three times. In 2014 his short story collection The Corpse Exhibition (Penguin US) was published. Blasim was described by The Guardian as “perhaps the best writer of Arabic fiction alive.”

For citybooks, Hassan Blasim took up residency in Leeuwarden in December 2017. His citybook can be read and listened to in Arabic, Dutch, English and Frisian.