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The cobbles lie like rags dumped at the feet of the buildings. Neat piles of rags for respectable tourists to c...

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Hagar Peeters (Amsterdam, 1972) made her poetic breakthrough at the Double Talk festival in 1997. Even before her first collection Genoeg gedicht over de liefde vandaag (1999, Podium) was published, Peeters performed at De Nacht van de Poezie and Crossing Border. She studied cultural history and literature at the University of Utrecht and was an editor at the Historisch Nieuwsblad. For Gerrit de stotteraar. Biografie van een boef (Podium, 2001) she won the Nationale Scriptieprijs 2001, awarded by Het Parool. Her second collection, Koffers zeelucht (De Bezige Bij, 2003), was received to critical acclaim and crowned with the Jo Peters Poëzieprijs and the J.C. Bloemprijs. She received the Nationale Gedichtendagprijs for her poem ‘Droombeeld’ and has published, among others, the collections Loper van licht (2008) and Wasdom (2011). In 2005, Peeters was chosen by Dutch and Flemish schoolchildren to be the Dutch Poet Laureate for Young People, and she was nominated for general Dutch Poet Laureate in 2009. In 2015 she published her debut novel Malva (De Bezige Bij), about Malva Marina Reijes, the ‘forgotten’ Dutch child of the Dutch-Indian Maria Hagenaar and her husband, Chilean author and Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda. The book was awarded the Fintro Literature prize in 2016 and nominated for the Opzij Literatuurprijs, the Libris Literatuurprijs, the Bronzen Uil, the Inktaap and the ANV Debutantenprijs.

Hagar Peeters resided in Bruges in 2017.