Filip Berte

Born on the 13th of June 1976, Filip Berte studied Architecture and graduated in 1999 at WENK, Sint-Lucas Institute, Ghent. From 1988 to 1997 he also studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. Afterwards he started working as an architect for NERO Architect’s Office till 2001. The following years he worked part-time as a free-lance architect, mainly for industrial designer Stijn Roodnat/Droog Design (Rotterdam), set designer Bart Clement (Staden), architect Dirk Coopman (Ghent), interior designer Maarten Van Severen (Ghent) and NERO Architect’s Office. Parallel to his work as an architect he was travelling and doing research in the Balkan countries Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia-Montenegro and Kosovo, where he developed his visual art work mainly through painting. As an architect he is very much interested in how people are dealing with space and how they organise their lives in the complex context of actual (post-war, post-communist) societies. The means of architecture solely is not sufficient for him. As an artist he feels much more free to explore and express the question marks and transform them into exclamation signs.

The photographs and pictures Filip Berte made for citybooks Tbilisi are also a part of the project Eutopia / The Graveyard. In The Graveyard Filip Berte enters into the geographical margins around Europe and seeks out the social margins in present-day societies. For more info on Eutopia and The Graveyard: