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Matchbox no. 9

Matchbox nr. 9

I saw him at the Kruidvat chemist’s on Wirdumerdijk. Briefly, one Monday in February. A few hundred metres fr...

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Erik Vlaminck (1954, Kapellen) is a novelist and playwright. He earned recognition for his six-part novel cycle Het schismatieke schrijven: kroniek van een familie (Schismatic Writing: Chronicle of a Family) about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people in twentieth century Flanders. His novel Suikerspin (2008) marked his breakthrough to a wider audience, and Brandlucht (2011) and De zwarte brug (2016) were also warmly received. Vlaminck has worked as a playwright for various renowned companies. His engagement with society is evidenced too in his regular column 'Brieven van Dikke Freddy', in which the homeless protagonist maps his struggles, thereby offering a commentary on inequality, discrimination and poverty. These writings have been collected in book form as Brieven van Dikke Freddy (2000), Meer brieven van Dikke Freddy (2007), Hoogachtend, Dikke Freddy (2013) and Dikke Freddy aan Zee (2016). He has led the Antwerpse Schrijversacademie, is the co-founder of the Vlaamse Auteursvereniging and has been the chair of the Koninlijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde since 2015. For deBuren, Vlaminck has previously written the Radiobook 'Oversized Domestic Waste and the Neighbours'.

In January 2018, he visited Leeuwarden to write a citybook about the Frisian capital city.