David Bocking

A Sheffielder born and bred, many of David Bocking's relatives in the past worked in the city´s steel industry. Over recent years, his photographs and articles have shown a changing city coming to terms with the loss of steel and coal as major employers, and a growth in service and retail trades. David Bocking is a freelance feature writer and photographer working primarily for the Sheffield Telegraph.

For citybooks, David Bocking focuses on his particular interest in the Sheffield´s growing awareness of environmental issues and its stake in the new `green´ economy. As a development worker for the Pedal Ready Cycling Cooperative, David Bocking is actively helping to transform the city of seven hills into one of the most surprising cycling cities in Europe.

His images aim to show aspects of Sheffield that are sometimes unappreciated by outsiders, including the city´s remarkable landscape, and the humour and resilience of Sheffield people