Chantal Rens

Chantal Rens (1981, Etten-Leur) studied at the Academy of Visual Arts (disciplines textile and 3-dimensional design) in Tilburg. In 2002 she won the De Pont Atelier Award and the Stimuleringsprijs (Incentive Award) for Visual Arts from the Municipality of Tilburg. Her work consists mainly of artists' books and collages with photography as a starting point.

Since 2008, she has been collaborating with artist/cartoonist Gummbah on the project Nobody Forever, a collection of handmade sweaters with indisputable slogans such as KARL MARX IS MY BITCH and OUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS (ons succes is ons succes), which resulted in the publication Nobody Loves Me (2nd revised edition 2013) in 2008. Together they founded the publisher PANTOFLE BOOKS in Tilburg in 2014.

Her book YOU RUN AROUND TOWN LIKE A FOOL AND YOU THINK THAT IT'S GROOVY - a collection of collages of animals balancing alcoholic drinks on their backs - was said to be 'perhaps the most superfluous but absolutely the most hilarious book of 2016 '.

Cats and Dogs in the Window - Chantal Rens
Cats and Dogs in the Window is a continuous photography project in which Rens takes photos of - as the title indicates - cats and dogs in the window frame of their home. Occasionally a series of these photos appears in a publication, four of which have been published since 2017. She also photographed this series in Leeuwarden, you can see the Frisian selection via # cdw_lf2018

Chantal Rens was a guest in Leeuwarden for two weeks in July 2018. She wandered through the city with her camera and collected a lot of footage. The result is Review Leeuwarden: a fascinating and humorous mix of handmade, analogue collages, snapshots, readymades, but also clippings from Huis-aan-Huis Leeuwarden and the Leeuwarder Courant.


© chantal rens - snapshot memory
Chantal Rens presented her citybook in Leeuwarden from November 11 to December 8 2018. Rens made a memory game of the snapshots for the exhibition. In addition, she made a series of collages from her own photographs - unusual for her work, in which she generally uses found images. She transformed the collages into a second memory game, but also displays them in found photo frames and printed on a pillow.

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