Caroline Lamarche


Caroline Lamarche about Charleroi

Intangible Heritage. A stay in the Black Country

Patrimoine immatériel: Un séjour au Pays noir

‘Rain draws people together,’ Wallonian author Caroline Lamarche posits in Intangible Heritage. In her city...

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Caroline Lamarche (1955) originally hails from Liège but grew up in the north of Spain and in the vicinity of Paris. After studying the Romance languages, she taught English and French in Nigeria before finally returning to Belgium. Nowadays she lives in the vicinity of Brussels.

Caroline Lamarche has been writing since the beginning of the 90s and since then has seen much of her work published including Le jour du chien (Minuit, prix Rossel 1996), translated by Rokus Hofstede as De dag van de hond (Van Oorschot), La nuit l’après-midi (Minuit 1998), Carnets d’une soumise de province (Gallimard 2004), Karl et Lola (Gallimard 2007), La Chienne de Naha (Gallimard, 2012), La mémoire de l'air (Gallimard, 2014) and the children’s book Le Phoque (Éd. du Rouergue, 2008). Besides these books, Lamarche has written short stories, poetry, theatre texts and pieces for the radio. For deBuren she wrote the Radio book Loin du Petit Paradis. Her citybook takes us to the city of Charleroi.