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16 January 2010It’s a clear winter’s day over Ostend and the adjoining mirror. Only the horizon is ...

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Bernard Dewulf (Brussels, 1960) is a writer, art connoisseur and former editor of the Nieuw Wereldtijdschrift. He was awarded the Debut Prize in 1996 for his first collection of poetry Waar de egel gaat (Where the Hedgehog Goes) (1995). His second volume was titled Blauwziek (Blue Sick) (2006). He also published two books of essays about art: Bijlichtingen (Illuminations) (2001) and Naderingen (Approaches) (2007), for which he received the Dirk Martens Prize 2008. Apart from prose, he translated the classical play Alcestis, in the adaptation by Ted Hughes. He was awarded the Libris Literature Prize in 2009 for his short story Kleine dagen (Small Days).
For deBuren he wrote the Radio Book ‘De rug’ (The Back).

Dewulf is city poet of Antwerp in 2012-13. Read his city poems at