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The 18th of July 2012 the Belgian newspaper De Morgen published the original Dutch citybook Sluiertijd and a...

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Bart Van Loo (1973) is a Flemish Francophile author. He also works for Knack magazine, is a member of the Board of PEN Vlaanderen and regularly appears in the media as an authority on France. His highly praised France trilogy (Parijs retour, Als kok in Frankrijk and O vermiljoenen spleet!) was published in 2011 for the first time in one hefty volume by the Bezige Bij Antwerpen. The first part, Parijs retour (2006), is an extremely personal journey through France in the footsteps of the greatest twentieth century French writers. Als kok in Frankrijk (2008) is an erudite and humorous literary cookery book that unites dishes from novels together with recipes from books published at around the same time. In his third book, O Vermiljoenen Spleet! (2010), Van Loo investigates the history of shame, sex and the tyranny of eroticism. Basing himself on French literature, he shows us how our ideas on sexuality have changed down through the centuries.

In 2010 Bart Van Loo published Elsschot, Antwerpen and Coraline. In it he paints an unusual portrait of the celebrated author of Kaas and looks at Antwerp through the eyes of a Frenchman. In 2011 Van Loo’s most recent work was published: Chanson. Een gezongen geschiedenis van Frankrijk. The book is an original and entertaining alternative history of France using the most well-known French chansons.


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