Athos Burez

Athos Burez (1987, Ronse) followed the visual arts programme at St. Lucas Ghent, and subsequently studied photography at the KASK in the same city. In the last few years, he has amassed an impressive portfolio, with commissions for newspapers and magazines including De Morgen, DSmagazine, Knack Weekend, Elle, Victoire, Indie Magazine and Vice. He has also photographed for Levi’s, Linda Farrow, Nike, Sony, Essentiel, La fille D’O and a variety of artists and bands. In his commissions and own work alike, Burez’s unique style is manifest. He conjures images that tell stories, and works with staged scenes captured through a mixture of portraits, still lives and landscapes, often with a surreal twist. The images frequently evoke a dreamy, unreal mood: calm and charming at once, but paired always with exuberance and decadence, sometimes with even with the morbid. Burez’s work has been exhibited in a variety of exhibitions.

In the spring of 2014, Athos Burez will make a city portrait of 24 photographs for citybooks Hasselt-Genk.