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THE CITY A FORTRESS fathoming depths from the panoramic placethe merlons somersaultplease hold onto the rail ...

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Astrid Lampe (Tilburg, 1955) lives and works in Utrecht. She made her debut as a poet in 1997 with the collection Rib, which was nominated for the 'C.Buddingh’-prijs'. Publications in several magazines, performances in the Netherlands and abroad and contributions to museum-projects like 'De Verleiding' (The Seduction) in Centraal Musuem in Utrecht (2003) and 'Rijke Uren' (Rich Hours) in Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen followed. Since a couple of years Astrid Lampe mentors students of the Image and Language department of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Five more poem collections appeared after Rib. For Spuit je ralkleur (Paint your ral colour) she received the Ida Gerhardt Poetry Prize in 2005 and the 'Schrijversprijs der Brabantse Letteren' in 2007.